Using Microsoft Teams with AtBot

In my last blog posting, I wrote about using Microsoft Teams with files. In this blog posting, I review how I can use Microsoft Teams with a bot. I like the idea of making my work easier.
I open the Store and click on Bots. I have a lot of Bots to choose from!


AtBot from Bizzy

First, I need a bot that creates tasks in Planner for me. Why should I switch screens to my Planner tab or app when I can do it in chat? I want my work to be easier!

I click on AtBot.


I configure the AtBot settings. I add it to my Contoso Finance team. I click Install.


I add the bot to my Finance Review channel.


I click Set up. I am taken to the Conversations tab in the Finance Review channel. “AtBot” appears in the chat.


Then I set up the Flow template for AtBot. I click on this link

It opens a New Task in Flow in Office 365.


I click on Sign In.


I select Megan’s account.


I click Accept. The details are updated in the screen.


I click Continue. The flow is displayed.


I update the Plan task to create new tasks in the To do bucket in the Product Launch Event plan.


I click Save and my task is saved.

I return to my chat in the Conversations tab in the Finance Review channel. I’m not sure what to do …


I open Chat.


I see my private message.


I click on Login to Office 365. I have to accept the AtBot permissions again.


I close the window and return to chat. The conversation is updated. I’m learning as I go!


I click on Help.


Perfect! I know what to do … I type in “@AtBot new task”. Now it is working!


I answer the questions in the conversation.


I click on here to view the task. Planner opens up and I can view My Tasks.


I click on the task to view the details.


Cool! It worked! I can use AtBot to create Planner tasks within Conversations. So much easier! No longer do I have to switch apps in order to complete my work. Also, I know that I can modify the Flow to add more details to the Planner task. I may explore this more in a future blog post.

Click here to learn more about AtBot from Bizzy.

Please read my blog on Using Microsoft Teams and Planner for more info on using Planner.

In my next blog, I will look at how I can use the WorkBoard bot in Microsoft Teams.

Using Microsoft Teams with Planner

I have used solutions like Microsoft Teams many times in the past. That includes solutions like Lotus Notes Teams, SharePoint Teams, and Jive, to name a few. One concern that I have is using multiple team sites and trying to manage my work across all of them. In particular, I’m concerned about the planning work.

I really like how I can add the Microsoft Planner app to each Microsoft Team. Below is a screenshot of the Product Launch Event planning app in the X1050 Launch Team.


Below I can see some of the details of the Entertainment Plan that is owned by Megan Bowen.


It could complicated for Megan if she was on several Microsoft Teams and each one had a Planner app. How could she manage all of those plans?

Well, she could just use the Planner hub!


Now Megan can see all of her plans at once. She can open them within each Microsoft Teams site. Below, Megan can see all of the plans for the Product Launch Event.


Alternatively, Megan can click on My tasks and see all of her planning tasks at once. Thus, she does not have to open each Microsoft Teams site to review her planning tasks.


Using Planner is a very effective solution for planning across all of the Microsoft Teams sites that you are a member of. So don’t hesitate to get started using Microsoft Teams and Planner together. I recommend creating a single planner in each Microsoft Teams site. Then manage them all from the Planner hub to save yourself valuable time. You should still open the Microsoft Teams site to collaborate with team members.