Update on my IPhone Status

As I posted earlier (link), I had a problem with my IPhone overheating and using up battery power very quickly.

I made a lot of changes to my IPhone settings since then and I think I have this issue more or less resolved.

First, I disabled the Enabled LTE setting on the Cellular settings screen.


Second, I disabled most of the USE CELLULAR DATA FOR settings lower down on the same screen.

Note: Some of the apps are definitely for my son to play with when he was bored.


I disabled the Background App Refresh setting.


I disabled all of the iCloud settings except for iCloud Drive and Find My iPhone.


I disabled all of the settings for iTunes & App Stores. No automatic downloads and no using Cellular Data!


I also do the following:

  1. Keep Bluetooth off unless I need it.
  2. Try to always connect to a Wi-Fi service if available.
  3. Use the Outlook app for email.
  4. Use the iPhone mail app only for Contacts and Reminders. Fetch new data hourly.

The result of these changes is that my iPhone never feels like it is burning up – even when charging. In addition, my iPhone is holding its charge much, much longer.

I will make the same changes on my daughter’s iPhone to see if the problem is resolved for her.

What is Wrong With my iPhone 5?

First, let me say that I am very happy with my iPhone 5. At some point, I will upgrade to an iPhone 6. The iPhone makes me more productive in my work and my personal life.

About three to four weeks ago, my iPhone battery was draining power very fast. Sometimes, it seemed like it was dropping 1% per minute. In addition, it always felt hot. Not warm; but hot. I could feel it burning in my hands and in my pockets.

One time, I charged it to 100%. I enabled airplane mode and disabled most settings. It maintained 100% charge for 1 hour. Then I turned off airplane mode and let it sit without doing anything. It automatically connects to my WiFi. After 30 minutes, the charge was down to 85%. I enabled Location Services and went for a 5K run. I listen to music while running. I also use MapMyRun to record my run. My run takes about 30 minutes. An hour after seeing the charge was at 85%, the charge was down to 18%.

A few days later, I deleted my Exchange account on my iPhone. The company I worked for was upgrading mail and I thought that might be a problem. That seemed to solve the heat problem a little bit. I also turn off Bluetooth whenever I am not using it. I set the display Brightness to about 50%. Finally, I installed an app called Battery Doctor. It has a feature that will clear memory. I run that every so often. It seems to keep the iPhone from running so hot.

Battery Doctor also showed a strange app that I do not recognize. I don’t know if I should be concerned or not.

10-30-2015 9-59-29 AM

I recharge my iPhone regularly; but now I do not let it stay charging all of the time. Also, I often have it sit on an icepack just to stay cool while charging. Maybe I need an iPhone cover that comes with mini refrigerator?


I have explored online for solutions; but I have not found one yet. Perhaps I need to reinstall everything? I hope to figure this out soon or I will need to upgrade sooner than I planned.

10/31/2015 Update:

I backed up, wiped, and restored my iPhone to see if that would help.

This morning when I connect to At&T, I see the sync icon still active.


I think that the music still needs to sync. I connected my iPhone to my laptop and ran iTunes. I started syncing and the icon changes to two arrows chasing each other in a circle. It looks like a lot of my music cannot sync.


The sync icon stopped swirling for a while … and then started to do so again. There is an app trying to install. I can remove it from the iPhone screen; but not from iTunes. It is an app I used for language translation. The sync icon stops swirling after I delete the app icon.

I ran the Memory Boost feature in the Battery app . I saw the strange app with Chinese characters listed again. However, my iPhone does not seem to be running hot while Airplane mode is off and charging at the same time. I will continue to watch what my iPhone does.