Using Microsoft Teams and Conversations

In my last blog post, I wrote about Microsoft Teams and Planner. I demonstrated how you can connect to any plan in any Microsoft Team via the Planner app.

Well, let’s see review how conversations work in Microsoft Teams. I think that the main benefit is that conversations are pervasive and permanent in a Team. My personal challenge is how do I use and keep track of all the different conversations that I can have across multiple teams?

Conversation in a Team Channel

Every channel in Microsoft Teams starts with a default Conversations app and default Files app. The image below shows an example of a conversation in the Audits channel of the Contoso Finance Team.


The first chat message is marked as IMPORTANT! It has a red exclamation mark to the right of the conversation to call it out more.

Further down, we see another chat message with a red ampersand @. That’s because Megan Bowen is mentioned in the chat. Megan is the user that I logged in as. Thus, Megan can quickly find the chat messages that need her attention.


Conversation in a File Tab

Conversations are not limited to the app. Users can also start conversations in tabs that are displaying files. Megan wants to start a conversation with Isaiah in the Capital Improvement Proposal PowerPoint file. She clicks on the file app and clicks on Teams8 to display the conversation.


Megan starts a conversation that can be viewed with the PowerPoint file.


Conversation on an iPhone

Isaiah is using his iPhone and sees the new activity at the top of his feed.


Isaiah clicks on the message to view the content. Isaiah can see Megan’s message and the meme.


Isaiah can click on the PowerPoint and review the contents on his iPhone.


Isaiah likes what he sees and closes the PowerPoint presentation. He enters a response and sends it.


Megan can see Isaiah’s message in the conversation in her web browser.


The conversation can also be viewed in the Conversations tab. Other members of the Contoso Finance team can join the conversation and post messages.


Megan can also view her conversation history in her Activity feed. Megan can see her recent conversation from the Finance Review channel in the Contoso Finance team. She selected My Activity to display her activity in the navigation.



Let’s quickly review what happened:

  1. A conversation can start in the conversations or a file tab of a channel.
  2. Messages have special indicators when Important or a team member’s name is mentioned.
  3. The conversation messages will always appear in the conversation tab of a channel regardless of appearing in another tab.
  4. Team members can continue a conversation in a web browser and a mobile device.
  5. Conversations across channels and teams can be tracked by visiting your own Activity feed.
    • Isaiah can see his conversations on his activity feed on his mobile device.
    • Megan can see her conversations on her activity feed on her web browser.

Thus, the answer to my challenge is to use the activity feed to keep track of all the different conversations that I can have across multiple teams.

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