Using Microsoft Teams with Planner

I have used solutions like Microsoft Teams many times in the past. That includes solutions like Lotus Notes Teams, SharePoint Teams, and Jive, to name a few. One concern that I have is using multiple team sites and trying to manage my work across all of them. In particular, I’m concerned about the planning work.

I really like how I can add the Microsoft Planner app to each Microsoft Team. Below is a screenshot of the Product Launch Event planning app in the X1050 Launch Team.


Below I can see some of the details of the Entertainment Plan that is owned by Megan Bowen.


It could complicated for Megan if she was on several Microsoft Teams and each one had a Planner app. How could she manage all of those plans?

Well, she could just use the Planner hub!


Now Megan can see all of her plans at once. She can open them within each Microsoft Teams site. Below, Megan can see all of the plans for the Product Launch Event.


Alternatively, Megan can click on My tasks and see all of her planning tasks at once. Thus, she does not have to open each Microsoft Teams site to review her planning tasks.


Using Planner is a very effective solution for planning across all of the Microsoft Teams sites that you are a member of. So don’t hesitate to get started using Microsoft Teams and Planner together. I recommend creating a single planner in each Microsoft Teams site. Then manage them all from the Planner hub to save yourself valuable time. You should still open the Microsoft Teams site to collaborate with team members.