Creating a Migration Robot in Kapow Design Studio – Part 2 of 5

Adding a Database to the Project

First add a new database by right-clicking on “Databases” in the “Databases” window in the bottom left of the Design Studio workspace.


A new “Settings” dialog box appears. Click on the “Database Connections” tab.


Click on the “+” symbol in the bottom left of the dialog box.


An “(Unnamed)” entry appears in the list.


Fill in the database properties for “(Unnamed)” so that it matches what I have for “Development Database”.


Click on [Test Connection]. The test should complete successfully. Click [OK] to close the “Test Result” message box.


Click [OK] to close the “Settings” dialog box.

Right-click on the “Development Database in the Databases window and click on the Add to Project \ Lotus Notes Sandbox Migration option.


The “Add Database Mapping to Project” dialog box opens. Click [OK] to continue.


The “objectdb.db (Development Database)” now appears as part of the project.


Adding a Table to the Database Based on the Type

Make sure that your database is running. Check that the green arrow is beside your database. If not, you will need to start the Local Development Database.


Select the project in the project window and click on Tools \ Create Database Table.


Select the objectDB database and the SandBoxDoc type.

Check Add Drop table if you want Design Studio to drop the table if it already exists.


Click [Generate SQL] if you want to create the new table. Click [Execute] to run the SQL.


Click [Close] to close the “Create Database Table” dialog box.

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