Researching on how to export file attachments from Lotus Notes to InfoPath

Well I have not quite figured this out yet. But I have some pieces to the puzzle. It’s easy for me to get a file attachment in a Lotus Notes document and detach it with code. I can track the file name and the stored location.

Attaching it into an XML file is where the challenge lies. However, I found this Support document on the Miccrosoft Help and Support web site: How to encode and decode a file attachment programmatically by using Visual C# in InfoPath (

The problem that I foresee is that I have to include the code with the InfoPath form template and the form template must be fully trusted. These are not good options if I want to use Form Services. Nor will it be easy to convert the file and import it.

I need a way to encode and import the file attachment into the XML itself.

Another option that I have considered is a way to store the file attachments in a separate list and just include a link to the file attachment in the InfoPath form. Of course, this introduces new problems. How do I store the file attachment in a separate list? What is this list and where is it located? What about security requirements?

I’m still thinking this all through. An even bigger challenge is embedded objects in rich text fields in Lotus Notes.

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