Exporting Notes Data as XML for InfoPath 2007

I have some LotusScript code that reads through documents and exports their content as XML. Each document is exported to a single XML file. I’m only handling text at this time.  A sample XML file appears as follows:


The following factors are important:

The mso-infoPathSolution solutionVersion value must match the same value in the InfoPath form. Otherwise, you will be asked if you want to use the version stored in SharePoint.

The href value must point to the correct InfoPath form. Otherwise, the form will not open with the data in SharePoint.

The my field names must match those in the XSD file of the InfoPath form. Anything different and the form cannot open the XML file.

The file name of the XML file is used as the title value / web link in the first column of the view listing the data.

I export all of the data for a form to one folder. Then I open the SharePoint application and import the files using the multiple upload feature.


The result is that the XML data now appears in SharePoint. 


I will try and provide more detail on the relationship between the InfoPath form, SharePoint, and the data later.

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