7 thoughts on “Simple Content Migration to SharePoint

  1. Hi rhrempel,

    I need to create a InfoPath form programatically. i.e., I dont want to design through MS InfoPath GUI and from visual studio designing method. Could you please help me on this? Which way should I start and how? I think as you have already done the research, you know it. Please help me.

    • I have a Beta solution written in Lotus Notes that can transform a Lotus Notes form to an InfoPath form. It’s not perfect though. You would still have to finish it up in InfoPath: hide-when properties, code, minor formatting. I’m hoping my company (Binary Tree) will include it in the next release of their application migration product. So I can’t send it out to anyone just yet.
      It took months to build this and make it work; so it’s not something that can be done easily.
      If you like, send me a Notes form (in a Notes DB) and I’ll transform it quickly with the solution. Then I’ll send it back. You can let me know what you think.

  2. Hello ramphal,
    I have some problem regarding attachment. I think you can solve my problem. I have a image attached to the infopath document (form) in Form Server. I want to display this image in rich text field of same document. Can I do this? How? If you have some idea please share with me

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